Maxmartyn 66fit Physio Pillow - Pu Foam With Extra Cover - White, 34 X 54 X 12/6 cm:Maxmartyn
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66fit Physio Pillow - Pu Foam With Extra Cover - White, 34 X 54 X 12/6 cm:Maxmartyn

66fit Published in October 19, 2018, 10:37 pm
 66fit Physio Pillow - Pu Foam With Extra Cover - White, 34 X 54 X 12/6 cm:Maxmartyn

66fit Physio Pillow - Pu Foam With Extra Cover - White, 34 X 54 X 12/6 cm:Maxmartyn

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susan sen
susan sen Reply to on 17 December 2015
I have suffered for atleast a year with terrible back neck and shoulder pains. I was desperate for something to help me with the aches and pains as there were times that I was reduced to tears. I bought this pillow hoping it may reduce the suffering.

After the first night I was so shocked. I had no aching at all and felt like I had a really good sleep after such a long time.

The aches and pains have pretty much gone now after using the pillow for 2 months. I will never buy any other pillow again until this one needs replacing. I will replace it with the same pillow because it's just changed my sleep for the better, helped to improve my posture and completely taken the terrible aches and pains away.

Initially it's strange using this type of pillow because of the shape and hardness. It took around 3-4 weeks for me to fully feel comfortable with the pillow as it adjusts to your body and the position your comfortable sleeping in. Now it's just perfect.
DJhoodster Reply to on 10 August 2016
Bought this physio pillow as been suffering for months with neck ache caused by sleeping in the wrong position with poor pillows - arrived very well packed, possibly to well packed with the packaging I had left over.. Anyway, I digress. Tried it for about 2 weeks and found it did ease my neck but it is actually really difficult to sleep on your sides and it is actually very firm pillow whcih can be uncomfortable. On your back is fine but unfortunately after a couple of glasses of red wine at the weekend, sleeping on my back turns me into the snore monster, which basically means I get bruised ribs from all the nudges turn over. Stopped using it after about 3 weeks, as I found that a quality single pillow does the job much better than this and I am sleeping better with that. is it worth the price? possibly if you cant use a normal quality pillow. Would I recommend it? give it a go it might work for you.
Igor & Tane
Igor & Tane Reply to on 5 January 2018
I've got neck, shoulder and back pains for at least 3 years and that is why I was advised to try physio pillow. So I had been reading a lot about different types of pillows and decided to buy 66Fit Physio pillow. It was the only neck support pillow at that moment I found and there was literally no choice.
So I used it for 2 years and from the first night I had to get used to it as it was completely different feeling, always I felt some kind of discomfort and in the mornings neck and shoulders were in pain regardless I tried to lay always in the right position.
However, I did not pay attention to that pain as I thought this is how it should be to improve my health issues.
Although after a year the pain started to increase, I denied to change it for another one due to an urge to feel better one day. Yet I have it replaced for a softer version and the pain noticeably reduced in the last 4 months of using it but just a few nights I remember of having a strain feeling.
Unfortunately, it was over 2 years required for me to understand this pillow is not for me.

It comes with 2 pillowcases, so you can always keep it fresh.
My35395 Reply to on 15 June 2016
I had a neck minor neck sprain in 1989 and have bought since "neck" pillows, so I've had many. This one does initially, when you open the pack have an odor which quickly goes. It does feel firm although not as hard as some I have used [but very firm/hard pillows don't worry me as long as my neck is supported at consistently the right height] and it does seems to retain its shape [but Ive only had it now about 2 months].
When on ones side AND back the central shape works wonderfully to keep your neck and head supported. I have also found that the edges[either side of the dip] on each side are very comfortable too, whether on ones side or back. This pillow is slightly small than the standard pillow but it does not in anyway cause any issues and I still put on ordinary pillow cases which are a bit baggy but I just tighten the ends. Great product
bluesupero Reply to on 24 December 2016
I suffer with dreadful upper back, shoulder and neck pain. I tried all different ways to aid a restful sleep...but nothing worked, until this pillow, tbh it only took me one night to get used to it, but after the initial first getting comfortable, I get such an amazing sleep and the good thing about this pillow is, you can sleep on your sides as well as your back.
I finally look forward to going to bed now and would never be without this pillow.
It even comes with a spare cover.
Lottie P
Lottie P Reply to on 25 October 2017
I've had this pillow for 5 months now and can absolutely recommend it. Yes the pillow is firm, but I've learnt that unless I buy a pillow that's slightly uncomfortable at first it really won't give me the right level of neck support. Softer memory foam pillows I've bought in the past have been pretty useless.

I was fully prepared for a difficult first night (as the pillow did feel odd at first) but was surprised to wake up the next morning having had a full night's sleep. I'm a small woman but didn't find the pillow too big for my neck. It felt comfortable both when lying flat or on my side. There is a slight chemical smell which soon disappears especially if you air the pillow or use an extra pillow case.

I forgot to take this pillow on holiday and soon regretted it as my neck pain came back. I made sure I took it with me the next time I went away.
Will83 Reply to on 13 October 2012
I've had neck pains for the last few months. I have always slept in a tangled up way which could be the cause. After trying to sleep on my back which failed I did some research and found this pillow. I slept on it the first time last nice and couldn't get out of bed this morning! I was dubious as I sleep on my side and it didn't look as if it was meant for that but it works an absolute treat, and supporting your neck whether your on your back or side. So the only danger of this pillow so far is that you might be late for work!
2kindhearted Reply to on 7 September 2016
I usually love hard pillows and in the past bought a similar one which was firm (sadly not made anymore) but this was like a brick! It didn't help that the pillow was a too high for me so that I wasn't positioned properly on it. Sadly had to return it and the search goes on for a similar, firm pillow.
OriginalKlum Reply to on 7 October 2016
Has helped me sleep in a better position. Not completely convinced it's helped my neck. However, Does feel very supportive.
Another downside is the limited sleep positions, and I like the cold side of the pillow, which isn't an option with this one.
All that said,a good value supportive pillow.
knitaholic Reply to on 16 December 2014
I love this physio pillow. I have a lot of trouble with my neck and often can only get any peace by sleeping without a pillow (or I get the thing where you can't look one way in the morning for days). I have been using this for about a week now and have slept without any problem at all and in the daytime I have had no neck issues. Wish I had discovered it before.
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