Maxmartyn Customer reviews 5 Pairs Women Winter Knitting Thicken Warm Cotton Socks Thermal Socks Assorted Patterns UK 4.5-7.5 EU 35-40:Maxmartyn
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Customer reviews 5 Pairs Women Winter Knitting Thicken Warm Cotton Socks Thermal Socks Assorted Patterns UK 4.5-7.5 EU 35-40:Maxmartyn

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90 Points Published in October 19, 2018, 10:23 pm
Customer reviews 5 Pairs Women Winter Knitting Thicken Warm Cotton Socks Thermal Socks Assorted Patterns UK 4.5-7.5 EU 35-40:Maxmartyn

Customer reviews 5 Pairs Women Winter Knitting Thicken Warm Cotton Socks Thermal Socks Assorted Patterns UK 4.5-7.5 EU 35-40:Maxmartyn

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Alessi Lover
Alessi Lover Reply to on 8 February 2018
Got these socks yesterday and worn straight away as freezing cold day and my feet just couldn’t get warm. I take a size three in shoes and thought maybe these might be too big as a four to six and a half it says. For me a good fit not too tight around toes or legs. But not too baggy either that they flop around your ankles. I like the fact there are no seams that dig into your feet more so if you have sensitive skin or aching feet. Washed a pair last night on a cool wash setting along with a woolly jumper and they came out perfect no shrinkage. No loose threads in any of the five pairs and ideal as colours that will go with all my clothes. For the price well worth it for me suffering with cold feet feel like I have warm toasty ones but without any tight feeling across toes or rubbing of seams. All five pairs came wrapped and on a little hanger so you could keep them for yourself or give as stocking fillers with them being wrapped individually.
Andrea Reply to on 23 December 2017
Don’t understand all the good reviews. The first three pairs I unpacked had holes in them and there were loose threads all over. I am a small UK size 5 and the socks are very tight on me. I wore a pair and after 10 minutes they had pilled. There is a very hard ridge that cuts into the toes. Very shoddy quality. Either the good reviews are false or the manufacture has deteriorated.
Lauren Moore
Lauren Moore Reply to on 23 November 2017
Way too small and weirdly shaped. There is a tight band across the top of your foot which actually cuts off the circulation (after I spent five minutes trying to wedge my feet in them). Actually very slippery, I slipped a few times on my hardwood floor, I’ve never had that happen before on any other socks. Waste of money, straight in the bin.
blusnO Reply to on 12 May 2018
Had these socks fit to the heel of my foot I would of given them four stars(I don't give five stars, no one is perfect and there should always be room for improvement) They are colorful and warm without being overly so... the pattern is cute and makes me smile but of the five pairs only one actually fit my feet as it should, the others save one is okay, the heel of the socks lands just past my actual heel and I will wear them around the flat and the last one? would have fit my niece! Am I happy with the purchase? moderately so would I purchase them again? No, I work hard for my pennies and expect value for whatever I purchase, while this is a good purchase pound wise I am not getting the use that I intended to get. They have, since purchased been laundered and there is no issue there.
A. Shannon
A. Shannon Reply to on 6 December 2017
very pretty and warm socks, but theyre quite small. Im a 6, and theyre quite tight. Going to have to be careful not to accidently tumble dry or theyd be unwearable. They do however fit my 9 and 10 year old very well, so perhaps they should be rebranded as childrens socks? Im wondering if they are yet another bizarrely sized item originally designed for the chinese market, where we just take a gamble when buying online now
M.Louise Reply to on 20 November 2017
A lot of these reviews mention that these come up small, which is true. I bought these socks as I am a size 3 and struggle to find socks that fit. These fit perfectly. They are well made, thick, warm and incredibly cosy. They are very soft on the inside and these are the only socks I have that are comfortable enough to sleep in. The patterning is as bright and beautiful as the pictures. These are now my favourite socks! If you're a size 3-4 these will most likely fit like a glove (or a sock). If you are above that size then I wouldn't recommend these.
pootlegirl Reply to on 27 January 2018
I have just purchased these after receiving some for Christmas. They are lovely, quality, chunky and cosy socks with adorable patterns. I particularly like that they don't fit too tightly around the leg. I am a size four and they fit perfectly so they may be a bit tight on a larger foot. But for me they are just perfect!
MumOfOne Reply to on 13 February 2018
These are lovely and mostly quite comfortable but I find them a tad tight around my ankles. I have quite slender ankles so never had this issue before with socks. They’re nice enough though, I just can’t wear them for too long without discomfort
Greebo Reply to on 5 December 2017
Used round the house as winter socks by someone who doesn't normal wear socks, sure loves them. Fluffy and warm, just what she wanted.
Becky Pryor
Becky Pryor Reply to on 12 January 2018
I have size 7 feet and these are snug but fit fine on me, I prefer smaller socks so they don’t bunch.
Very good quality and I want to buy them for all my friends and family.
I’ve even bought a mesh laundry bag so I don’t any socks, because they are the best socks i’ve Ever owned!
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