Maxmartyn Musculoskeletal Medicine in Primary Care An essential guide for examination, diagnosis and management:Maxmartyn
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Musculoskeletal Medicine in Primary Care An essential guide for examination, diagnosis and management:Maxmartyn

Dr Solomon Abrahams Ph.D.
Dr Solomon Abrahams Ph.D. Published in October 19, 2018, 10:22 pm
 Musculoskeletal Medicine in Primary Care An essential guide for examination, diagnosis and management:Maxmartyn

Musculoskeletal Medicine in Primary Care An essential guide for examination, diagnosis and management:Maxmartyn

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david boss
david boss Reply to on 29 August 2016
I am a GP hence looking for a GP orientated reference book for everyday use.
This book contains some useful information particularly some of the less common presentations, particularly more acute sports-injury type problems & presentations in children.
It suffers greatly from being insufficiently edited as the language, grammar & typos on every page are very off-putting & even misleading on occasion.
It is quite repetitive, which I suppose means each chapter can be read in isolation but makes it very boring to read as a text book & also makes it twice as large as it needs to be.
A section on the history ("subjective examination") & the limitations of physical tests & the nature of red flags could probably be given once & each chapter could then concentrate on different problems & their distinguishing features & management.
There is very little detail about specific exercises / Physio which would have been useful for a GP, as seeing an NHS Physio can take 6 weeks or more.
HT Reply to on 25 February 2015
I bought this book a few months ago and I still struggle to come to terms with the way it is written. It feels like a set of draft lecture notes to me rather than a scientific approached textbook and it certainly contains inaccuracies that I feel I should avoid reading. I keep making corrections not only of facts but also typographical ones that simply have not been checked. I was looking forward to having a book on MSK Medicine but this is not the one. Sorry
Sunny Shirl
Sunny Shirl Reply to on 28 July 2014
An excellent aid to revision of consistent examination. Concise and free of too much verbatim. I particularly like the Chapter references.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 12 April 2015
Excellent book. Written clearly and precise. Good use of images too. Well laid out. Would recomnend this book
Georgia Mavrokordatou
Georgia Mavrokordatou Reply to on 18 July 2016
This book is invaluable. Easy to read, up-to-date and with all the important information that all students need particularly in their exams, as a sports therapy student I highly recommend this book.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 17 June 2016
Great book, easy to read and amazing for students and those practising. Straight to the point and very helpful with red flags. Definitely recommend it!!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 25 January 2016
As a sport rehabilitation graduate I have found this book extremely helpful. When i have been presented with clients and unsure about other possible pathologies i have used this to has helped guide my clinical understanding. Also just as a quick reference guide it is a very informative and interesting reads.
The layout and use of pictures makes this book particularly easy to read in comparison with other text books.
It's a definite 5 star rating and I would advise those in associated professions to purchase this book it has definitely helped me .
RB Reply to on 27 April 2015
As a Sports Therapy student, I would highly recommend this book to any other students undertaking a Physiotherapy/Sports Therapy course. The pathologies are explained in great detail making it easier to understand what to expect if a patient were to present these symptoms, and how to treat them. The examination and assessment guidelines are also specific and easy to understand, therefore being a great tool as a student as many textbooks can be very difficult to read. Overall a very helpful textbook to help with studies or for topping up knowledge as a practitioner.
Kelly Reply to on 17 March 2014
As a student, I would highly recommend this textbook to anyone interested in this field. It is written clearly and helps break down more complex concepts. I also found the use of diagrams and real-life pictures much more helpful than other textbooks I have encountered. Definite 5-star book!!
Saj Reply to on 28 April 2015
This is a great book for anyone studying within a medical background. Its very concise and is written in a way that is easy to understand, with very useful visual aids. I would definitely choose this over other sports medicine books as it gives you the information you need without having to sift through page upon page.
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