Maxmartyn Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe Pressure Fit Safety Gate - 76-82 cm, White:Maxmartyn
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Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe Pressure Fit Safety Gate - 76-82 cm, White:Maxmartyn

Lindam Published in October 19, 2018, 10:31 pm
 Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe Pressure Fit Safety Gate - 76-82 cm, White:Maxmartyn

Lindam Easy Fit Plus Deluxe Pressure Fit Safety Gate - 76-82 cm, White:Maxmartyn

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Emma Shamloo
Emma Shamloo Reply to on 21 June 2015
Brilliant gate! I read up on reviews for a few nights before ordering this and it's been excellent. We needed to order a 7cm extension (super easy to install) but once fitted it's doing the job. It took me (on my own) 15min to install from adding the extension to getting our 15 month old daughter hanging off it in a (failed) attempt to break it down. No screws (just some sticky pads on the walls) and it is firm as the wall it's attached to. Well worth the money and peace of mind so that our monster doesn't go for a nose dive down the stairs. I recommend getting the gate first and then seeing which extension you might need as it's hard to tell before due to the added length of the screws.
LuluBelle Reply to on 1 January 2018
My gate arrived in double-quick time (just over 24 hours). After checking the contents were all present and correct, I set about the installation process. It took me all of 10 minutes - no drilling or hammering, just a spanner (supplied in the box) to tighten the nuts and bolts. The gate is perfect for our requirements and, as we acquired the taller version of the gate, my 2 year old grandson cannot get over the bars. I like the fact that you can use the catches at the base of the gate to set which way the gate opens. So far I have had no problem with the locking mechanism (as some reviewers have apparently experienced) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. On that basis, I would have no problem recommending this gate
SNC Reply to on 14 December 2017
I’ve always had this brand of gate, for kiddie gates and the taller ones for doggies, they have lasted and lasted and they are super easy to install and uninstall to move, not to heavy to carry, if you need to, but sturdy enough to stop a big Border Collie for jumping it and pushing it out of place! I found I’ve only ever had one issue and that was that the blue clip at the top can crack or perish after a few years, but you would expect some wear and tear after that long a period of everyday use. A product and brand that I would recommend as either a toddler/child/dog gate. I requested a specific delivery date from the seller and it arrived by DPD when requested - all round a perfect experience THANK YOU 👍🏼
Nigel Davies
Nigel Davies Reply to on 31 July 2017
I had to return this product because there was slight confusion in one of the Q&A's about maximum width. Unfortunately it was too narrow for the very wide door I wanted it for - and for various reasons the side extensions I could have purchased would not have worked in the slightly unusual opening I wanted to block off. That said, I wanted to write a review because the product itself is of excellent quality and I was disappointed I could not use it. For anyone with standard type openings this is would be an excellent choice - the quality is good - it is strong - and the lock itself is very secure - but just be aware the maximum width (without additional extensions) is the 82 cm it states on the box. My own reason for purchasing was to allow us to open our kitchen door in hot weather but to stop our two very large dogs going out - and I think it would be an ideal and very secure gate for medium to large dogs and also of course for young toddlers.
Mrs Bad Crumble
Mrs Bad Crumble Reply to on 17 August 2017
We got a staffy from our local rescue centre, we were told he had separation anxiety. We bought this gate so we could work on improving his anxiety. It's a good height, he wasn't able to get over the top of it. As long as you put the little switch thing down at the bottom, it is surprisingly robust too. He can still see and hear us, we can help him out or just serve up food without being pestered.

The only negatives are that it can be really tricky to use one-handed. It is possible, but when there's an excited dog trying to push past it isn't exactly easy. This is because the handle sometimes struggles to lift up, which is how you release the gate. The other negative is how fiddly it is to mount. You have to tighten four nuts to get it to stay in place. You have just a tiny little spanner they supply to do this. As we were fitting it to a doorway, this meant the spanner would either scrape the wood of the door frame, or just suddenly ping across the room. Much prefer the old style gates where you just rotated a plastic catch to expand.
samii Reply to on 16 April 2018
While this arrived promptly and was easy to install, there are several faults with it.
Firstly, it squeaks and barely opens to a 90° angle meaning it's a pain to manoeuvre around when it's opened.
Secondly, there are 2 catches at the bottom on either side of the gate. Now, the 1st one broke within 2 days, the other side broke a few days later. This wasn't a massive issue as the main locking system was sufficient enough.
However, after about 3 weeks of having the gate the actual locking system broke. It effectively fell apart. Either side came apart from one another making it so wobbly it was able to move in all directions instead of what was intended.
This gate was used with minimal force and frequency and still it didn't last very long at all. I do believe if it was built better then it would of been fit for purpose
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 27 May 2018
It is a great baby gate for doorways of the size indicated.
However, the Lindam Sure Shut Axis Pressure Fit Safety Gate is the same price and we bought one of those at the same time for different doorways and we think the Sure Shut is better. Lindam Sure Shut Axis Pressure Fit Safety Gate 76-82 cm because it is almost identical but much quieter in operation. The Easyfit makes a loud clank when the catch snaps closed that reverberates through the gates and disturbs sleeping babies and adults. the Sure Shut makes a quiet crunch sound.
Stella_Ella Reply to on 8 July 2018
Even though this said a maximum opening of 82cm and min 76cm...this is not 100%true

In some parts the bottom of the gate is jammed in tight and won't budge which is great. However the top part of the gate could easily be knocked out with some force. No idea why there is such a difference when fitting these gates as I ordered 4 of them.

However they do the trick and the little one hasn't been able to open these gates no has he been able to climb up or down the stairs or enter the kitchen whilst cooking.
Richard Thorne
Richard Thorne Reply to on 2 July 2018
Its ok. It jumps out of the frame which is a concern if you are using it for a dog. The end plates can however be drilled and screws inserted through them to fix to the frame. We have an older version of this in another door opening which better designed and stays in the frame without screwing it in. It's good quality though. But it is only a short height. There are others which are taller for bigger dogs.
LindaMR Reply to on 18 May 2018
I got this to contain my large spanial. It is that bit narrower than I needed, so I had to buy an xtender as well. The instructions are vauge, and too make sense I had to go on to You Tube. It is easy enough to fit, but if yo have a proper spanner I suggust you use that not the tiddly little pretend one supplied. But, it does the job, and seems secure. I have difficulty with the one handed operation though...
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